Joseph J. Romm

Joseph J. Romm is a physicist turned author who’s relentless blogs on climate change was effective in highlighting the importance of climate change and the importance of bringing down geen house gases in America.

He was named in Rolling stone magazine’s list of 100 people who are changing America and in September 2009, Time magazine honoured him as one of its Heros of the Environment. He is one of the most influencial bloggers campaigning against climate change. His selection of blog postings was published as a book called Straight Up in 2010.
A doctorate in Physics from the Massachusets Institute of Technology, Romm was alerted about the perils of climate change when his brother lost his house in Mississippi to Hurricane Katrina. The incident led to Romm’s in-depth research to determine whether it was safe to reconstruct in that areas given the prediction of increase of extreme events like hurricane and storms in the age of climate change.
This resulted in the book Hell and High Water which brought out the urgency of taking action to reduce green house gas emissions. The book kick started Romm’s relentless fight against global warming and his clarion call for urgent action against it. In 1994, he co-authored a report of the Colorado based Rocky Mountain Institute, Greening the Building and the Bottom Line: Increasing Productivity Through Energy-Efficient Design. He also carried out the first ever environmental analysis of a system For the Global Environment and Technology Foundation integrating cogenerating fuel cells, fly wheels, which were aimed at very high power availability.
A former acting assistant secretary of the US Department of Energy, Romm writes on energy security, energy policies, propagation of green energy technologies and green trasportation technologies. He is also a Senior Fellow at the Centre for American Progress where he writes and maintains their climate blog, which was named as one of the top green blogs by Time magazine in 2008.