Basics of Climate Science

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Natural climate variability, as the name suggests, is caused by natural factors. There are lots of natural factors that cause significant changes in the climate. These causes can be within the earth or coming from outside the earth. Based on this, the natural climate variability can be categorized into two groups. Externally Induced Climate Variability: It refers to the impact of some external factor that leads to variability, such as the...

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Impacts of Climate Change

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Impacts in Africa Africa is one of the most vulnerable continents to climate change. This situation is further worsened by its poor state of economic development and low adaptive capacity Agriculture Agricultural production in many African countries and regions will be severely affected by climate change. Agricultural losses are estimated to be possibly severe for several areas (like the Sahel, East Africa, and southern Africa) accompanied by...

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Impacts on Freshwater Resources

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Freshwater resources are one of the prime victims of climate change. Findings from Research More than one-sixth of the world’s population is dependent for water on glacier melt and seasonal snow packs. The effects would arise from an initial increase in annual water flows due to the rapid melting of the glaciers, followed by a decrease in the flows due to a decrease in the water volume stored in glaciers and snow packs. Such a situation...

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